Macintosh IIcx


  • Type: Personal computer
  • Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc.
  • Computer family: Macintosh II
  • Released: Mars 1989
  • Price: 5369 USD (~11,074 USD in 2019)
  • OS: System 6.0.3 – 7.5.5
  • CPU: Motorola 68030 @ 16 MHz
  • FPU: 68882 @ 16 MHz
  • Memory: 1 MB or 2 MB (expandable to 128 MB)
  • ROM: 256 KB
  • Storage: 40 or 80 MB HDD, 1.4 MB FDD
  • Dimensions: 310 × 280 × 52 mm
  • Weight: 6.2 Kg
  • Predecessor: Macintosh II
  • Successor: Macintosh IIci

Released 1989: The Macintosh IIcx is a personal computer manufactured by Apple Computer from March 1989 to March 1991. Introduced six months after the Macintosh IIx, the IIcx resembles the IIx and provides the same performance, but is seven inches narrower, ten pounds lighter, and quieter due to a smaller internal fan. The relative compactness results in three NuBus slots being available, compared with six on the IIx.

The new case, Apple’s first to be designed to operate in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, remained in use for its successors the Macintosh IIci and Quadra 700. The idea for vertical orientation, one of the first mini-tower cases, was suggested by Apple CEO John Sculley, who was running out of space on his desk, despite the fact that the new layout actually took more space once the monitor was taken into account. The model was designated IIcx for compact (echoing the earlier Apple IIc compact model in the Apple II series), and the x was Apple’s designation for the 68030 processor.

Users liked the Mac IIcx, in part, because its components and parts (such as the RAM, NuBus slots, and power supply) snapped into place inside the case without the need for screws. There was one central safety screw that tied the assembly together though it was often not reinstalled if ever removed. At the IIcx’s introduction, Jean-Louis Gassée demonstrated the IIcx’s modular design by assembling one from parts in front of the audience. This made it less expensive to build, easier to repair, and earned it heavy praise and a warm reception among the Mac community. The machine was also the lightest in Apple’s lineup at the time. This model was superseded by the Macintosh IIci, which used the same case.

My Macintosh IIcx and repair

A friend gave me this one for free, he threw it in as a bonus when I traded him for some other stuff. It worked kind of but the hard drive had failed and the machine wouldn’t power on to easy.

  • Replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on the main board. After this the machine turns on every time.
  • Replaced the floppy disk drive. I first tried to clean the original floppy drive, and manage to damage it.
  • Replaced the broken hard drive with a working hard drive. The hard drive needs a termination on it I found out, as the mainboard doesn’t provide one by itself.
  • Installed more RAM on the graphic board, it now provides 256 colors.
  • Installed 4 MB more RAM, now got 8 MB system RAM in total.
  • Replaced the PRAM battery.
  • Installed MacOS using an external SCSI drive.
Macintosh IIcx

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