List of Commodore 128 commercial software

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Golf Handicapper
Grahams Gooch´s Cricket 128 (Super Soft Games)
Kikstart 128 (Mastertronic)
Kikstart II (Mastertronic)(disk only)
Last V8 128 (Mastertronic)
Maidstone Quest
Mr. Quizzer (Free Spirit Software)
Pro Coach: A Football Strategy Game
Quest For Adventure (by Russian Wyatt), 80 column game
Rocky Horror Show (CRL)
Space Pirates 128
Starship Battles 128 (Micro Designs)
Stratton (CRL)
Thai Boxing 128 (ANCO)
The Great War (Free Spirit Software)
The Three Musketeers (Computer Novels)
Trek 128, 80 column game
Ultima V (Origin Systems Inc.), Got music in C128 mode
Wheel & Deal 128
A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom), text adv. 
Beyond Zork (Infocom), text adv. 
Border Zone - (Infocom), text adv. 
Bureaucracy (Infocom), text adv. 
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Solid Gold)(Infocom), text adv. 
Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Solid Gold) (Infocom), text adv. 
Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head Nor Tail Of It (Infocom), text adv. 
Planetfall (Solid Gold) (Infocom), text adv. 
Wishbringer (Solid Gold) (Infocom), text adv. 
Zork I (Solid Gold) (Infocom), text adv. 
Trinity (Infocom), text adv. 
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom), text adv.
PETSCII ROBOTS (8bit guy), 2022
Hibernated 1 - Director's Cut ( 2021? text adv.

Games that are enhanced in C64 mode

Elite 128 (enhanced version of commercial release)
Flight Simulator II (with patch, ~23% framerate increase)
Heavy Metal Paradroid
Project Stealth Fighter
Stealth Mission
Test Drive II
Uridium Plus
Wizardry 5
Zork I: The Great Underground Empire - Golden Edition (Infocom) - 80 column on C128

Miscellaneous Productivity

Alpha Utility
C-128 80 Column Pro (Jem Software), some sort of utility
Bible Search (SOGWAP)
Brainstorm 128
Deluxe Circuit Analysis C128
Desk Manager (Softsync, inc), Calc, Note- Phone Book etc., 40 & 80-col
ESP tester (Free Spirit Software)
Family Roots 128 (Quinsept inc.)
Family Tree 128 (??? Software)
Fontigus 128 (PHD Software), Font design..
Format Executive 3.0
Home Designer 128 (Free Spirit Software)
HomePak 128
I am the C128 (Personal Choice)
Label Maker
Landmark 2.0: The Computer Reference Bible
Land Surveyor C-128
Many Happy Returns
Micro Doctor 128
News Maker 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Partner 128 (Timeworks) inlc. 8 utilities
PCSecure, key-based datafile encryption
Psychology Laboratory on a C-128 (introductory psychology instruction)
Rule Master 128, Learn about expert systems
Sideways 128
Tarot 128
Team-Mate 128
The C128 Helper (Hand on Software)


Multiplan (EPYX)
Paperback Planner 128 (Digital Solutions Inc.)
Personal Choise Collection (Activision Software)
Pocket Planner 2 128
Pocket Planner 3 128
Rhapsody 128 (King Microware)
Swiftcalc 128 (Timeworks)
SwiftSheet 128 (Cosmi)
Trio 128 (Softsync, inc) 
VizaStar 128 (Viza Software), also contains a cartridge


Alpha File, file management / search
Datafiler 128 (Free Spirit SoftWare)
Data Manager 128 (Timeworks)
Data Master 128
DFile 128 (MichaelSoft)
File 128
Flex File 128 (Mid-Kansas Computers)
Flex File 128 (Cardinal Software)
Flex File 128 (Woodsoftware)
Mail List 128
Paperback Filer 128 (Digital Solutions Inc.)
Perfect Filer (Commodore), "Professional Database"
Pocket Filer 2
Pocket Filer 3
Profile 128
Record Master 128
Superbase 128 (Precision Software)
The Consultant 128 (Batteries Included)
Ultrabase 128 (Gold Disk Inc.)
Videx, Video tape database
Wordfile 128 (MichaelSoft)

BBS / Online

All American BBS 128
BBS 128
Bobsterm Pro 128 (Progressive Peripherals & Software)
C-Net 128
Dawnstar, terminal program
Desterm - shareware?
Dialogue 128 (Tripple Point Software)
Dragonfire BBS
EBBS 128
Handle 128, Disk and modem utilities
Multiterm 128 (CBM), terminal program (same as the Multisoft package?)
Omni 128 BBS
Pro-Term 128 (King Microware)
Proterm 128 - shareware?
Protolinc BBS
Prototerm 128 (B-wARE Computer Systems)
Sixth Sense 128 (Prism Software)
Speedterm 128 (Abacus Software)
Spicenet 128
StarComm (Sybex)
UltraTerm III - shareware?
Zelch 128 (Elite Software)

Disk Utility

Ack! 128 (PHD Software), 80-col disk editor & disk shell
1541/1571 Drive Alignment (Free Spirit Software)
1571 Clone Machine
1571 Physical Exam
Big Blue Reader, read/write many disk formats
C128 Cannon (Kracker Jax), copy program
Copy II Version 3.4
Dolphin Hexer (Dolphin), Backup and file copier..
Fast Hack´em (Basement Boys Software), Also a cartridge
FasTrac 128 (Basement Boys Software)
N.U.R.S.E. (Free Spirit Software)
RAMDOS (Systems Software)
RAMDOS (Free Spirit Software)
Super 81 Utilities 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Super Diskdoc (Precision Software), works with C128, C64, Plus/4 etc..
Super Disk Librarian 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Super Disk Utilities 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Super Nibbler 128

Audio & MIDI

Craig Chamberlain's Enhanced Sidplayer (Compute!)
Digitalker 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Dr. T´s C128 Keyboard Controlled Sequenser [KCS] (Dr. T´s Music Software)
Guitar Tuner
Keyboard Controlled Sequencer
Mastertracks Pro (Passport Design Inc.)
Music Maker 128 (Commodore)
Rhythm King 128
Super Sequencer 128 (Sonus), a MIDI interface requires


128 StarPainter (Sybex)
3D Graphics Drawing Board (Glentop), Creating 3-D Images with a Joystick.
3-D Canvas v1.7 (Capp/co)
Ante Up
CadPak 128 (Abacus Software)
Colorez 128 (B-wARE Computer Systems)
Graph Master
Graphic Booster 128 (T. Giger), New BASIC commands for 80 col graphics.
Graphic Expander (Horasoft), Additional 80-column graphic commands.
Ipaint (Living Proof, Ltd.)
Iport (Living Proof, Ltd.)
Master Paint
MicroIllustrator 128
Page Illustrator (Patech Software)
Poster Maker 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Ruler 128
Sketchpad 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Spectrum 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Spray Paint 128 (PHD Software)
T.H.I.S. (Micro Aided Design), Needs a REU to run.

Programming – Languages & Utilities

128 Monitor Extension, adds new feature to the MLM
Basic 128 (Abacus Software)
Basic 7.0 Utilities
Basic 8 (Free Spirit Software)
Basic 8 Toolkit (Free Spirit Software)
BASIC-8 (1988, Walrusoft) ???
BASICally SIMPLE 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Blitz 128 (Supersoft)
Buddy 128 Assembler Development System
C128 Developers Package (Commodore)
C128 Helper
CBasic Compiler (Digital Researsh)
COBOL 128 (Abacus Software)
Diamond Text Editor (Robert Rockefeller), RAM disk-friendly text editor
Double-Ass (Two pass assembler with both 8502 and Z80 support)
Freedom Assembler (C128 cart) (Hughes Associates)
Gnome Kit (SM Software)
Gnome Speed Compiler 128 (SM Software)
GeoCom (D. Doehler, GUSS) (for developing GEOS applications)
Hack-Pack (Systems Software)
How to get the most out of Basic 8 (Free Spirit Software)
JCL Assembler and Program Development System (CBM and JCL Software Ltd.)
Karma Assembler 64/128 [SuperCPU] (PHD Software), Fast 6502 assembler
Kyan Pascal (Kyan Software)
Matrix 128 (Progressive Peripherals & Software)
Merlin 128 (Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc.)
Micro Detective Automatic Error Detection
Midnight Assembly System [C128], (Matthew Chontain), Supports 1750 REU
Multisoft - Commodore
OmniCodeI (code generator system, outputs BASIC 7 prg. and subr.)
Oxford Pascal 128 (1984, O.C.S.S. & D. Goodman, Precision Software)
Peek a Byte 128
Petspeed 128
Power Assembler (Spinnaker)
Power C (Spinnaker)
Professional COMAL v2 (cart) (package exist to run at 2 MHz, 80 column)
Programmer´s Notebook (Free Spirit Software)
Rebel Assembler (Mike Taylor, © 1985 Nu-Age Software)
SM Compiler 128 (SM Software)
Super C 128 (Abacus Software)
Super Pascal 128 (Abacus Software)
Symbol Master, multi-pass symbolic disassembler
TSDS (Total Software Development System)
VS128 COBOL (Visionary Software)
Windows on Basic 7.0 (Northen Blue Marketly)
XPER 128 (Abacus Software)
XREF 128 BASIC Cross Reference (Abacus Software), Basic 7.0 Tool
Zoom! 128

Accounting & Financial

Checkbook 128 (Nu-Age), 80-column check book program using windows
Accountant, Inc. 128
B.E.S.T. Accounting C128
Bok 128, (W Prosoft), program in Swedish
Business Form Shop (Spinnaker)
Calc Result 128 (Commodore AB)
Calculator 128 (Education Software)
Cash In-Cash Out
CCI Bottom Liner, personal and small business accounting
CCI Mortgage Manager, Bottom Liner with property file for 400 mortgages
CCI Property Rental, Bottom Liner with property file for 500 rental units
ChartPak 128 (Abacus Software)
CMS General Accounting 128
CMS Inventory 128
KFS Accountant 128
KFS Accountant with Retail-Inventory Package
Memory Academy 128
Money Works
Personal Portfolio Manager 128 (Abacus Software)
Pro Tutor Accounting (PSI)
SEC Check Register 128
Securities Analyst 128 (Free Spirit Software)
Swifttax 128
Sylvia Porter's Investment Manager 128 (Timeworks)
Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance 128 (Timeworks)
Tax Advantage (Various Years)
Taxware 128
Technical Analysis System 128, (TAS 128) (Abacus Software)
The Strategist (Strategy Software)
TISAR 128 V2.2 (CW Data-labs.)
V-Bok 128 (from Swedish company called "Databryggan")
V-Fakt 128 (from Swedish company called "Databryggan")
V-Med 128 (from Swedish company called "Databryggan")

GEOS128 Environment

DeskPack Plus
FontPack Plus
GEOS 128
GEOS 128 2.0
GEOS MegaPatch 3 128 (GEOS update/clone)
GEOS GateWay 128 (GEOS update/clone)
Geo-Calc 128
GeoCanvas 128 (Nathan Lyle Fiedler), GEOS utility/Extension
GeoCom (D. Doehler, GUSS), A BASIC-like language for developing GEOS apps
GeoFAX (Click Here Software)
GeoMake Boot (CMD)
Geo-File 128
Geo-Publish (desktop publishing)
Geo-Write 128
International FontPack
Perfect Print LQ (CMD)
Wheels 128 (GEOS clone, requires RAM expansion)

Word Processing

Better Working WordPro 128 (Spinnaker), includes also "FilePro"
Braintrust 128
DV Typer, use Dvorak layout
Fleet System 3 (PSI)
Fleet System 4 (PSI)
Fontmaster 128 (Xetec)
Ghostwriter 128
Illustrated Publisher
Jane (Commodore), includes "Janewrite", "Janecalc" & "Janelist"
Page Builder 128 (Patech Software)
Paperback Writer 128 (Digital Solutions Inc.)
Paperclip 128 (Batteries Included)
PaperClip II (Batteries Included)
Paperclip III (Batteries Included), includes both 64 and 128 version
Pocket Writer 128 (Digital Solutions Inc.), renamed from Paperback
Pocket Writer 2 (Digital Solutions Inc.), renamed from Paperback
Pocket Writer 3 (Digital Solutions Inc.), renamed from Paperback
SpeedPlus-128 (Precision Software?), Upgrade C64 Speedscript into C128
StoryWriter 128
Superscript 128 (Commodore), same as the program from Precision Software?
Superscript 128 (Precision Software)
Term Paper Writer
Text-Right (King Microware)
The Critic 128
VizaWrite 128 (Viza Software), also contains a cartridge
Wiz-Bang 128 (Phillip Hughes) (Compiled ver. of a "free" type-in program)
Word Pro 128 (Pro-line)
Word Writer 128 (Timeworks)
Word Worker
Wordfile 128 (Michaelsoft)
WordStar 3.0 (MicroPro)
Writers Choice
Write Stuff 128 (Busy Bee Software)
Write Stuff v2.0 (Busy Bee Software), 80-col

Kernal ROM Replacements

C-128 FLASH!
C-128 Burst-ROM
JiffyDos (CMD)
SAKU (Jukka Marin)
Super Chip A, Super Chip B (Utilities UnLimited)

ROM Cartridges

Mach 128 (Access) Both for C64 & C128
Partner 128 (Timeworks)
Quick Brown Box (Brown Boxes inc.)
Super Snapshot
Warp Speed (Cinemaware) Both for C64 & C128
VizaStar 128 (Viza Software)
VizaWrite 128 (Viza Software)

ROM’s for the empty socket in the 128 and REU RAM expansion

Basic 8
GEOS 128 v2.0
Super "C" Chip
TASM Assembler
The Servant

Other software that are enhanced in C64 mode

1581 Toolkit
HyperLink 2.5e

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