remiI’m Remi Jakobsen and I want to share information about individual computers in my collection. Tips about repairs and restorations and their history and specifications. 

I got my first computer back in 1986 when I was around ten years old, it was a second hand Commodore 64 that I shared with my younger brother. It was advertised in the local newspaper, my father went out to get it, some other guys did as well, but my father was first there and got it. It was a very popular and affordable “hot” computer back in 1986. More powerful 16/32 bits computers like Amiga and Atari ST already existed, but that was expensive stuff and belong to another universe for us at that time. My brother and me was so excited when he came home. We had many fights over the bellowed C64. We used it almost every day for several years to come, sometimes together, playing games or learning programming.

You might ask, why bother owning and spending time and money on such old computers with such limited resources compared with today’s PC? We not just emulate the old computers with widely available software on a modern PC?

For me and others, its about having fund memories of a time where there was excitement in computers, when there was many platforms to choose from, not only PC or Mac. A time where one guy alone could understand the entire inner workings of an machine.  A computer like the Commodore 64 with its ~1 MHz processor and 64 KB of RAM, it got so much soul, and you can feel its special when you are using it. A modern PC is like a disposable/replaceable thing, you don’t get sad or miss it when its broke, you can just go to the nearest mall and get a new one.