Power Macintosh 8100

Released 1994: The Power Macintosh 8100 (also sold in Japan as the Power Macintosh 8115 and with bundled server software as the Workgroup Server 8150) is a personal computer that is a part of Apple Computer’s Power Macintosh series of Macintosh computers.


  • Type: Personal computer
  • Manufacturer: Apple Computer Inc.
  • Computer family: Power Macintosh
  • Released: Mars 1994
  • Discontinued: August 1995
  • Price: 4,250 USD (base config)
  • OS: System 7.1.2
  • CPU: PowerPC 601 @ 80 MHz
  • Memory: 8 MB (expandable to 264 MB)
  • ROM: 4 MB
  • Media: 250 MB, 500 MB or 1 GB HDD (SCSI)
  • Removable media: 1.4 MB HD floppy drive, CD-ROM 2X (optional)
  • Weight: 25.3 lbs (11,3 kg)
  • Dim: 14″ H x 7.7″ W x 15.75″ D
  • Predecessor: Quadra 650, Quadra 800, Quadra 840AV
  • Successor: Power Macintosh 8500

It was introduced in March 1994 alongside the Power Macintosh 6100 and the 7100 as the high end model of the first generation of the Power Macintosh family, and is a direct replacement of the prior Macintosh Quadra 800. It retains the Quadra 800’s enclosure.

The 8100 originally featured a PowerPC 601 at 80 MHz, and was speed-bumped to 100 MHz in January 1995. The main variant of the 8100 are the 8100AV models, which came with an analog video in/out card in its Processor Direct Slot. Also released was a fast 110 MHz model in November 1994. There was no AV variant for this model.

The case has received criticism for being difficult to work with. Dan Knight, writing for Low End Mac, noted that “except for replacing the CPU card in the 8500, changing anything on the motherboard required completely removing it. That included removing the reset button, removing a screw, disconnecting several cables, then sliding the motherboard assembly forward about an inch, then pulling it away from its mounts.”

In August 1995, the 8100 was discontinued, with the Power Macintosh 8500 taking its place.

My Power Macintosh 8100/80

I’ve got my Power Macintosh 8100/80 as part of a lot together with two monitors and other Mac parts in various condition. I’ve got the lot very cheap and the seller delivered it right at my door, as he was hitting in my direction one night he was on his way to the capital city. The Macintosh looked pretty beaten up as first glance. Once I put the enclosure correctly together, glued the 5.25″ bay front covers, and cleaned it up it didn’t looked to bad at all. Surprisingly, the machine booted right up in System 7.6 and worked 100%, two 1 GB hard drives and 264 MB of RAM was fitted.

My Power Macintosh 8100/80
My Power Macintosh 8100/80
Power Macintosh 8100/80

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