Commdore 64 - model c (cost reduced)

Released 1986: The C64C is a redesign of the successful Commodore 64. Due to the light color and the slim cabinet it can be easily distinguished from the original C64 (“Breadbox”). According to the technical specifications there were no differences between the C64C and the original C64. The units are similar in terms of graphics, sound, processor speed, interfaces and RAM size. The C64C was 100% compatible.

The Commodore 64 (short: C64; alternative CBM64, C=64, VIC-64) is the most favored and best-selling home computer of the 80’s, which was built from 1982 until 1993. The C64 is the successor of the VIC20. The successor of the C64 is the C128, which was sold as an office-computer. The C64 was voted the computer of the year twice in the category home computer by an international committee of journalists from computer magazines.
The statements of the sales figures are very different. The realistic statement is something about 17 million.

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Commodore 64C advert
Commodore 64C advert
Commodore 64C

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