My arcade project and rebuild: This cabinet was more or less an empty shell when I first got it, and I rebuilt it as a two player “type” cabinet. I fitted a 25″ CRT picture tube from a donor TV-set and positioned it horizontally. It’s now setup with modern PC hardware to emulate all sorts of arcade games. I use an VGA-CGA converter to convert the graphic card “VGA” output into a 15 kHz video signal. I’ve made an adapter to make the converter card RGB input on the TV-set SCART connector. For the joysticks and buttons I use an “JAMMA” connector compatible input card. I fitted an electronic coin insert and I cut out some Plexiglas for the back light sign, which I got a printing shop to print out some signs for. I fitted some new car speakers for sound. I made the control panel in two layers, where the top layer is hiding the screws for the joysticks. Emulator software like MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) uses the original arcade ROM’s, stored in form of image files on the harddrive.

Arcade project

Remi Jakobsen

I'm collecting classic computers and video games, stretching from the 70's into the 90's. Restoration, history, usage ...

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