My Final Lap cabinet

Released 1987/88: Final Lap is a racing video game developed by Namco and released in Japan in 1987. It supported uptil eight simultaneously players in network and was maybe the first racing game with the “rubber band effect”, meaning the player in lead will never be way to far ahead of the other players.

My Final Lap and restoration: This cabinet was really beaten up when I got it and was restored as a general driving cab instead of the original. It’s now setup with modern PC hardware to emulate all sorts of arcade racing games. Emulators like MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) uses the original arcade ROM’s, stored as image files on harddrive. An 25″  CRT picture tube has replaced the original 19″ arcade monitor, I’m still using RGB connection for video signal.


Final Lap

Remi Jakobsen

I'm collecting classic computers and video games, stretching from the 70's into the 90's. Restoration, history, usage ...

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